Custom Corporate Gifts

Looking for something outside the normal? Want a deliciously unique gift that makes an impact on your clients, employees, or corporate sponsors? Look no further, because we’ve absolutely got it iced covered! We offer packages of all sweets and sizes that will leave the recipients wondering how they were lucky enough to work with you and your team.

We offer custom cookies, cakes, cupcakes, chocolates, and even pies. Choose from our selection of custom boxes from styled to wild and bring a sweet treat and a huge smile to the faces of those you are blessing. Trust us when we say that there is no better way to express a “Thank you,” “You’re awesome,” “You made this happen,” or “You’re the best part of us” like a cookie with those exact words and a group picture or logo. 

We have catered to parties, thank you boxes, retirements, birthdays, and even “BeClaus it’s a Monday” events. They can be shipped to a doorstep if you need or enjoy the smile that inevitably comes from someone opening a box of amazingness.

Over The Top Cakes

Yeah, we do that! From the custom to the outrageous, we aren’t scared. We welcome the challenge of realism, detailed decorations, or stain glass magnificence. We can combine a plethora of techniques to built you a one of a kind, once in a lifetime cake. Don’t settle for a dessert when you can have an experience. Take your cake from a part of the evening to the centerpiece of the party.

Our prices depend on details, size, and your exquisite imagination. Come on in and talk with us about how we can take your party to the next level with something that defies and defines. 

Birthday Cakes

We might be biased, but what is a birthday without CAKE?! At Mrs. Claus™ Cookie Co., we’ve got your birthday cake in the bag (okay, okay–it’s actually a box!). Choose from cookie cakes, sheet cakes, layer cakes, personalized cakes, themed cakes, big cakes, little cakes, eety beety baby cakes- basically, if you need a birthday cake, call us! 

We’d love to help you celebrate the next birthday in your family. Please come on by the bakery or just fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you lickety-split!

Custom Cookies

Ever heard the phrase “It’s the thought that counts”? Ever believe it? Our custom cookies take it from, “Thanks for thinking of me” to “Wow, I am OBVIOUSLY your favorite person”. Our cookies not only bring the flavor, but they can be personalized with pictures, slogans, sayings, or logos. With our special printer, we are skipping the sugar sheets and printing directly to the cookies! That means the same amazing flavors you come to expect from soft cookies with that famous icing remain unfettered by the presence of a foreign substance. In other words, you get all the flavor and the personalization without compromise. 

They are sold by the dozen and you can pick up to three designs for that dozen. So you can add the pic of your friend Rick, a logo to advertise a BOGO, or a phrase that pays. You are limited only by your imagination and the general surface area of our cookies (which can get quite big)!

So don’t hesitate, give us a call, drop us a line, heck, sign up to be a part of our Claus family. Nothing says “You are so special to me” like personalized sweets. You don’t even need a reason, do it Just BeClaus.